Wednesday, November 18, 2009



joe*to*hell said...

i need an original eitel

Reavis Eitel said...

Someone commented but I don't read them anymore. Did want to explain this madness: I ahve to friends that are very elf like in every way. they just married and are trying to have children. My letter to them:

Hey _________________,

I heard you were trying to copulate and and I remembered your ways so I started a collage with the dark crystal gelflings in the middle. Then it got out of hand and I really lost my mind has nothing to do with your breeding. Lemme 'splain:

Ok every little image i added. Its all get pregnant stuff. In middle get pregnant thermometer with a turkey baster below it, a leather s/m sex mask with a skeksis nose, womens sex lube, poppers, Augra with blue rubber gloves as midwide with jar of crisco,

In thot bubbles couple thinking about what they wont have after childbirth - dont get offended. Him: her body her boobs her lingerie and less money. Her: luxury items, time her boobs and figure.

Lower left I worked hard on a Skeksis with a dr's mask on a stethescope a doctors mirror on his head and salad tongs to pull the fucker out. sorry.

The roulette wheels are for what u may get because sadly we arent allowed to genetically decide. you have your pick flying around of a child that is nuts, a lemon or bananas OT at the ends of the rainbow, a fruitcake or a screw ball. little white roulette balls everywhere.

Oh viagra everywhere . And the guy had a pan flute pipe that says pan flute solos barry white, to get her in the mood.

It's says MEK a the top because thats what you have to do to press a kid out of you.

Ok well congrats !

love u! R