Monday, November 9, 2009


I know these are rotted, but I'm trying things out. I could wait until things were all done but I like to document the process. Some of it I think I might shred into string by the time I'm done and have to throw it away. I wouldn't wear most of them.

This material disintegrated as I carefully clipped at it. I am going to put it back together by using the arms, which I saved, to anchor the and stretch the web I made and I'm going to hold the entire garment together with brass studs that are too heavy for it, as well as small roaring lion studs. When it's just one string I think LadyFag would totally wear it!

Worked On this for a while. Just playing with yarns and football things. Not too keen on blue jean jackets. Actually this is fkngugly. Going to paint a ton with black oil paint I think. That makes all ok.

I like to bully the fabric around. Had fun making senseless bright yard squares in it to hole and mash parts together. Some octagons also. It looks... oh how do you say? Overworked. Yarn? Yeah it's retarded. 'Obey' newp.

I destroyed an Obey thing I had slapped on a while ago. I'm going to cover that up. Black oil paint and duct tape painted in lacquer. Hmmmm... staple gun stuff? Quality and safety control production measures go out the door when nobody will wear it. Industrial 'witch stitching'.

I'm excited about these. Just started them they aren't nearly done. Every line on them forms the word Eitel in repeat, but I'm writing other things on a bunch. The sides and some shoulder will be gloss black on a see through material but the middle will be fuschia fading to red, but there will be some neon green and bright dark cobalt ones also, with neon yellow side strips. YES all high end effects may be made with TAPE. Last year I was ripping off tape from a final garment and everyone glared at me like 'ooh huney' (nice fabric treatment), but I was frenzied unwrapping it and some bytchez laughed and screamed "Work tape queen" clapping at my ric-rac junk show.

The back of one.

Down vest.

The back has one of my favorite stencils which I did a whole door of in repeat. I went in and painted his face some more. Thin the tie is too much it was good just a stencil. Slightly overworked. He's one of my favorite faces I've made. Looks cool rippling over all the curved puff tubes of the vest. Reminds me of a hot man I used to hand with who had piercing eyes, a perfect waxed mustache, a ming the merciless V hairdo and some of the most attractive sculpted Marlboro man facial wasting I ever saw. I was really into him.

Don't know where this is going just started it. Ugly spooky mugs on the stencil. I sell it to some straight buy special price real cheap.

Demented pussy cat raised white painting over stencil on sweatshirt. I like some oversized ugly close up prints.

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