Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Well, only in my 20's here. I started at 14 having parties in NYC, sweet 16 at the Red Zone. Sorry for the blur, camera on standby & actual image pretty crisp. God I was skinny. Mind you shirt was pre glitter studs. Flesh nude on illusion tank Jimmy Helvin. Photo Steven Ashmore.

Old stencils.

Little younger here. Bad bad copies of E6 slides printed into cibachrome. Dug though stuff and just snapped them. At the start of college. I would snag some of my mothers jewels and hang them off my canopy bed and draw beards on myself to see what I might look like as an adult man. The multiple arms are sandwiched slides, pre photoshop. The originals, which I have, are as sharp as Karsh photos. Everything is buried in storage boxes and my mothers ready to wear closets. Who the hell wants to see all this. It's information that has no place, unless someone on the Upper Eat with some brains money and a whole lot of time shows interest. That's always slim. I just thank everything that I am still slim and beyond imagination. That's interesting enough for me. Happy happy for me on Thanksgiving. Every 7 for me you know.


twunty mcslore said...

Baby Reavis. Christmas came early.

I also have pictures of myself with beards. They weren't painted on, sadly. And they insisted on going dutch! Bitches!

Reavis Eitel said...

haHA I love you MR twunty!
The one random comment I DO read - because I don't - and it's not hate mail!
Thankz U XOX R