Thursday, November 19, 2009


WOW WHAT A PERVERT! I took these mid summer and didn't post them because I had no profanity in the blog at the time. I had been in the bathroom at Veselka a few days earlier and this wasn't there. Then I went in and saw this and couldn't stop laughing. I mean it is remarkable. One person did almost all of this - you can tell because it's a consistent theme and series of sex acts (plus the penmanship). It's even on the inside of the bowl. When I returned to the restaurant a few weeks later it was all cleaned up as if it was never there. I was remembering this recently and was thinking of what a shame it was that I didn't photograph the disaster, but then I was backing up files from this summer tonight and here it is! See what wonders I have for you!

I don't kmow what happened to this rotten blogger site, it's been sizing all my image uploads to small when you click on them lately. Hate it. Hm... just looked. They keep it small and then you click and it enlarges. Big news.

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J@v@JuNKo said...

lol love it! reminds me of a time i went into a washroom and it was wall to ceiling gay porn magazine clippings glued all over, wish i had my camera like you did at the time...