Monday, November 16, 2009


(Until the Hassidim fix it, the camera is severely injured in several places and has no laser focus so please enjoy the temporary facial blur and glow if you've been shot.)

(Stay away from bad blue vodka. Someone spilled some on the dark wood stair and was apologizing to the hostess because it bleached it white.

A friend and giant fan of hers came with a sack full of Xaviera's published work and the signing frenzy began. She is so gorgeous now, but seeing her flawlessness photographed on all these covers as they passed over her lap was amazing. At the end she had me lay them all out on a table as she knew how much fun I was having shooting everything.

Brian M, guest with Andre Serrano, Veronica Vera (founder of Drag finishing school) and Stu. I never expected A.S. to look so kindly and Lama like. I didn't notice if Mr.Serrano had any drinks. I never saw him go to the lavatory.

Deflectors of crotch shots.

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