Sunday, November 15, 2009


If I disable comments, I feel guilty. If I monitor the comments... I have to read them. If I just let them be... well I guess I can't read them. The few haters seem to be regular readers. I'm so sensitive. So long as famous people come up to me and exclaim 'Reevis Aytel!' (not how you say my name) and try to make out with me, all haters can roam free commenting without moderation. I don't read my comments anymore though. It's none of my business.

Wow can you imagine having this much net hating on you? Sorry I posted it. I mean I love him. This isn't my situation, but I was really upset (yes it gets to me) when 2 or maybe 3 people out of thousands a day just said a couple of bitchy sort of mean hatesque comments. I think it was because i gotpunchedintheface, which does have a campy humor about it I admit. Maybe I had PTSD and they seemed particularly evil. Whatever, really - if that what you enjoy. I mean you haters still read so hey, if that your way of reading my really useless muckraking thats fine with me. You must, however, know that if you met me socially that I'm a lover not a fighter and the deep deep secret is... that I love YOU.

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