Friday, November 20, 2009


I love these 'Zenti' suits found linked in the title above. I would order one but you never know how one of these things will fit. Also, everybody who is nobody (except Leigh Bowery) has done this whole body covered things and it's so vacantly anonymous and unoriginal at this point that it would be lame to do. Maybe it's because I am covered in tattoos that I want to have a chance at a second skin. MAYBE IT'S THE LYCRA:


BRIAN said...

i express oredered one in gold two years ago through ebay with measurements itook myself and it fit really well, theyre also really easy to alter and since its in black the fit doesnt need to be body molded. i want one too !

this bisquit video is my theme song for tomorrow

BRIAN said...

ps from china and it was express mailed in like 15 minutes totally nutso just order it a tad bit smaller and youll be saving the world