Tuesday, November 17, 2009


And they all live so long. I went to a photo show/signing and my admirer (who I admire) Billy Name was behind the table with his sharpie signing... his book! I am out of touch enough not to know where I am but fortunate that it is always around friends. Ooh he screamed my name and hugged and groped and kissed me and treated me as exactly as I was meant to be inventoried. Anyway, I had to have a lap sit chat. He used to go to Jackie 60 for sometime and just holler and laugh! He's major. And he's such a big fan of my nipples.

Im told the man behind us to our right is Milo Rock, who Billy described as his 'guardian angel'. I need a rock. I didn't mean to throw a glam rock line down his face with the coloring, it just went everywhere. He looks like he can throw them down!

Am I going to get copyright infringement for 'Eithol'? I think they should have a Warhol seance while everyone is still in touch with each other, but I don't think Andy would come. They have to go to him!

Corey Grant Tippin. One of the few gentlemen. Look him up. I mean I know and like him now, but I just peeked and loved the pics of him with Jane Forth... and all debonaire with Mae Alexander. Maybe because I never had deluxe style facial features, but he could sell real estate in the space between his eyes! Bone stuctcha. OK - here's an excessive gallery of him...

Jane Forth & Corey

Karl Lagerfeld, Jane Forth, Donna Jordan & Corey

With Ultra Violet, giving features for all male ballet superstars nerves.

With Mae Alexander

'L'Amour' By Andy Warhol, with Jay Johnson

Candy Darling, Jed Johnson, Andy, Corey and Donna Jordan

Whoa. Dashingman.

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