Sunday, November 1, 2009


I removed the pics of me punched because the jealous haters that you attract when popular could not contain themselves and just quietly enjoy looking at them without spouting their hate. They don't get to look at them. I guess perfect people like me should never be seen imperfect.

When they call you 'faggot' you're supposed to keep going, right? Well, I didn't feel like it.
My friend, an amazing chirpractor, snapped my nose back into place in the ER waiting room and did a great job. I have a broken nose, a fractured cheek bone and a sliced cornea. And a lot of pills.

All cleaned up. Today it's red, tomorrow purple then the greens come. Buying an eye patch and going to the gym tomorrow. I'm a staunch character. They don't weaken. No matter what.


marcel said...

so sorry.... get well soon

Craig H said...

YES a staunch character and a very brave one. I am so glad it was not any worse, but very very sad that there are evil people like those who attacked you. Best wishes for a quick total recovery!!!

Mean Dirty Pirate said...

Honey that’s a horrible story! So sorry that happened to you and on Halloween too. You and your group of friends looked amazing.

Did you at least get to throw a few punches and beat those FUCKERS down? Also, how many times have you had your nose broken now?

Take lots of pills and get well soon.

EyesWideShutNYC said...

crappy way to end the night, esp with such a kickass costume! speedy recovery to u reavis

The Muscle Animal said...

Hang in there man, no one's tougher than you!

twunty mcslore said...

The good news is that you get to wear a freaking eye patch! I try to pull that shit and everybody accuses me of uni-orbally rascist.
I need to find me some new friends. Or stop hanging out at the VA hospital so much.
Feel better, gorgeous.