Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Someone said it, then threw it away. After their show. Before work?

My ______________'s cat. Meant to get Marilyn on the screen in the shot. Maybe too much of a great shot for a crackberry photo. My real camera is being mended. Poor kitty was feeling unwell.

I said it. I read steroids on my blog, go google - I let them have it ; now due to medical reasons I have to be on them - well, testosterone at least. I sort of read facial hair ; now I have it. Mousy at best, with a smug smile. Am I becoming what I read? Like I couldn't stand hate so is hate next for me. I doubt it. Like fear, hate is our race's most saddest addiction.

It should have said Mr.TolD at the end. Sparse piece of graffitti art. Who has these rolls of cash, by the way? These are all rhetorical questions. I don't read or respond to comment anymore than I react to the many whistles on the street. If you have something charming to say, you know exactly where to find me. People are either charming or tedious. Oscar Wilde.

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