Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Bobby Miller, of Jackie 60 legendaryhood & etc., has come out with a sharp looking book of his photos documenting Wigstock. Billy Beyond is pictured on the cover. With the price of square footage in NYC I move on any book that I finish reading and take coffee table books I get as gifts to the Strand (whoops, sorry folks!), but I'm sure to buy this as a gift for someone.

Not a Bobby Miller photo, this polaroid of me in 60's mom drag at Wigstock in '89 at age 16 is one that I've kept under lock and key. Illegally young and fair as the morning dew I should have been giving all sorts of beautiful femme realness that would have been unspookable, but instead I raided my mom's Givenchy and had this bouffant made at Pat Field. Mom saw me on tv in a blue velvet number of hers and read me "If you're going to be a drag queen at least don't be a messy drag queen."

And so long as I'm unearthing scary pictures of myself, here's me around the same age (no doubt a night before an early day at high school) on stage on ecstasy vouging at Quick! with spitcurls and 80's eyebrows in a custom tailored Japanese Hysteric Glamour Hermes knock off S&M themed equestrian shorts shirt and jacket! God help me. I was giving Hysterics so much money at the time that they were revolving even their textile designs around me. I have no idea how long my butt looked from behind in those shorts but I'm sure there were miles of it. I have since given this whole ensemble to Rainblo as he will totally rock it and I can't presently fit my muscular thigh or even the top of my calf through the shorts. What's more interesting in the picture, if you enlarge it, is what's going on in the background with my friends Sunshine, Breeze & Digby! Good times!

From the same night, Sunshine with Smellin Ellen!


Mitzi said...

Fabulous! You have'nt changed a bit.

Christopher said...

Love the pics of you voguing...did you hear me screaming: "wuuuuurk"!

Reavis Eitel said...

No I haven't changed, Mitzi, except I pretty much only wear solids now.
It takes great humility for me to post this retardedness but at least I was vogueing long before Madonna churned out her crummy hit.