Wednesday, January 28, 2009


For a while I had a list of friends 'businesses' listed to the right in my blog. I accidentally deleted it and never bothered putting it back. I've been bugged by them ever since and it's really put me off. I've also been bugged by advertisers which I'm also not interested in.

Then I share with a friend the number of hits I've been getting (btw never do that, even to brag, it's nobody's business and never show anyone your site meter page). Instead of just letting me enjoy my abject success, she beamed at me bugging out about how I should put her business on my blog list because "we're friends." Ew. First of all, I hate 'businesses'. I know work has to be done. I know that I presently don't work because at one point someone worked his ass off, but I don't live royally and since I'm going into dedicating my life to hands on charity work I can give a huge blowoff to all of you business workers. Capitalism destroys every beautiful natural human instinct. I of course have some respect for those who scurry around stepping on top of each other like ants in their centralized air sealed window towers, as somebody has to do it. There is a certain look in the eye that I think exists in most white collar workers that is divisive. I'm sorry to say but there is a sickness there. I have so much more respect for the guy sweeping the floor. So don't be crawling up my *ss, even with money. Eitel Thoughts is just that, idle, and will continue to produce useless crap for the unemployed, those pretending to work and just browsing the web, shut-ins, invalids, the sick and the retarded.


Mitzi said...

Tell her to Fuckoff!

Reavis Eitel said...

Thank you! I did, she got thoroughly read and later approached me with a sicky sweet congratulation to counter her capitalist guilt. Shady bytchez.