Thursday, January 15, 2009


It's just a coincidence that my friend sent me this so close to my shoulder harness entry. These are compression garments mostly for post operative surgery but I can think of all sorts of occasions where you could wear exhibit them (and they come in black!). Check out the back shot of the men's "Zippered Gluteus Garment" shorts. I love the blazee (I don't have accents on my computer so I misspelled it) expressions on the models.
As my wise fellow friends who are a few to several years away from age 40 start to prepare for the inevitable with plastic surgery, I get a kick out of visiting them in recovery with groceries, laughing at them and sometimes making drill and chisel noises (I usually share that with them the night before the procedure and sometimes get hung up on). So my friend just had a serious nasal demolition on his prominent schnoz and his under chin neck reduced. It's not liposuction. Ok this IS gross so don't read on if you can't deal: They inject the fat with some chemical, the fat turns to water then they make a tiny slit in you and then prop you up and the fat just drains out. He has Norma Desmond Bride of Frankenstein harness on at the moment.

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Mitzi said...

My mother wore one of these when she had her chins removed and her face lifted. So chic.