Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Corrupt Adolph Merckle of Germany jumps in front of train and dies. It's said that his suicide was the result of his being unable to bear the scandal of his shady dealings, but as far as his bank account was concerned after the massive amount that he lost, he was still one of the top 100 wealthiest men in the world.

Ponzi scheme queen Bernie Madoff mails envelope of very high priced jewels to his children from his Park Ave apartment after turning himself in for his maniacal financial scam on the uber-rich. What is so twisted is that Bernie was already a billionaire when he started the scheme, illustrating the insidious pathology of financial greed.

Parachuting to his tortured freedom, Marcus Schrenker crashes his private plane into a swamp in Florida. They located him today and he is under custody and in the hospital with slit wrist wounds. He had a multi million dollar estate in Indiana and a blond trophy wife he was pictured with in front of the plane and a new Lexus car.
I don't know that the creatures of the swamp looked on at the crash but if they did I hope that they are alright. I had a crush on The Creature From The Black Lagoon (he was ripped) as a kid. I've always been able to get over the face for a hot body. In the lower right, the poor misunderstood Swamp Thing. He was such sensitive and gentle giant and they would never leave him alone. I don't now who the creature in the middle is but he had to be included.

I'm not saying it's great that these (slang word which is also the French word for "shower") are dead or almost dead. I do think it is timely and telling that these tortured narcissist devourers of resources are coming to the forefront of our news with the reaping of their despicable lifestyles in these times of economic hysteria. I have no doubt that tragedy of the corrupt and/or filthy rich has always been widespread, we just haven't heard so much of it. They have seen to that quite well.

"A lotus flower can grow out from the mud and does so unscathed without a drop of dirt on it's petals. You cannot grow a lotus flower out of a pile of gold."


Mr. Peacock said...

and I love your lotus analogy!

Reavis Eitel said...

Thanks Mr.Peacock! I didn't make that analogy it was a Buddhist monk from a tv lecture that's on at 7am saturdays and i don't know that it's his quote.